The Springboard to a DCS (Tremplin DEC transition program) allows you to complete prerequisites (from secondary school) required for admission to the CEGEP program of your choice while at CEGEP. In some institutions, it also allows you to explore various study programs before making your final choice.Find out more from the various CEGEPs that offer this path.You can also enrol at an adult training school to take your prerequisites before applying for admission to CEGEP. Talk to your guidance counsellor for more information, as needed.


The secondary school courses required for college vary from program to program. To find out about the prerequisites for the program that interests you, consult the Pygma site. You will find a wealth of information on the programs offered at our CEGEPs and their prerequisites. You can even seea list of CEGEPs that offer the program of your choice. Explore your options!

A quota program is a program for which the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available in the program at any specific CEGEP. Entry is therefore competitive and selective.At the college level, the secondary school record is one of the first indicators consulted. Depending on the program, other selection criteria may be added such as an interview, portfolio, or test. Unlike required prerequisites, these selection criteria may vary from one CEGEP to another.

On the Pygma site, you will find a list of colleges that offer the program that interests you, as well as the selection criteria for each of them.

During your first class, each semester, your teachers will give you a lesson plan including, among other things, the list of books and school or computer equipment (if applicable) to obtain for the rest of the semester. Some CEGEPs publish a list of computer recommendations for each program on their website.

To obtain a college diploma, regardless of your program or CEGEP, you absolutely must pass all of your general education courses. At French CEGEPs, general education courses include three humanities courses, three physical education courses, two English courses, four French courses, and two complementary courses. At English CEGEPs, French is taught as a second language.

The French courses will depend on whether the student holds a Certificate of Eligibility to English-language educationor not. If the students hold a Certificate of Eligibility, depending on their grades in French at the end of secondary V, they will be placed in one of the following four levels:

• Level 1: Basic communication in French
• Level 2: More advanced communication in French
• Level 3: To communicate comfortably in French
• Level 4: To engage in a cultural or literary subject in French.If the students do not have a Certificate of Eligibility, they will need to pass the French Exit Exam (Épreuve uniforme de français)to obtain their diploma of college studies.

CEGEPs provide you with various services to support you in your studies :

  • Guidance to help you think about your choice of college, university or professional studies
  • Individual educational assistance, to support you in your educational journey at CEGEP
  • Help centres, to support you in particular subjects
  • Adapted services, financial assistance, health and psychosocial assistance, etc.

You will find information on these resources on each CEGEPs website.

At CEGEP, you can do physical activity for fun, in your free time (intramural sport),or you can join a sports team and represent your establishment in the college network (intercollegiate sport).

Intramural sports activities can vary from one CEGEP to another and even from one semester to another. The offering is diversified and evolves according to demand.

To find out more about the various CEGEP sports teams, go to the individual college websites or consult the Quebec student sports network website.